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Monday, December 5, 2016

So many Exciting things to work on this month................

And the first thing we have to do is give away a couple of magazines.

The first winner is Janet Wells who said "I'm thankful for family and friends......and time to quilt."

and the 2nd winner is Mimi who said "I'm thankful for my kids and grandkids."

If both of you ladies will send Tammie your snail mail information at we'll get your magazines right out to you.  
Enjoy - the ladies at Primitive Quilts and Projects have done their usual awesome job.

This is Pep's favorite Christmas decoration. 
It's an Olive the other reindeer pillow
 and you can find the pattern in our Special this month Up on the Rooftop.
The idea for the pillow came from a children's book Olive the Other Reindeer about a dog named Olive. It was a favorite of our children and now our grandchildren and has been part of our Christmas for years.  And of course when I was designing quilts for the book Olive had to be included.  Those are Jake's handprints and footprint when he was five.
  He's a sophomore at UMKC now.  He's grown a bit since then :)

2015 Prom

I just finished the drawing for the 2017 Mystery Quilt and, of course I really like it.  It's 76" x 84".
If you are a member of the 16 Mystery Quilt Club you are automatically signed up for this one unless you notify us.  This keeps the blocks coming for those of you who look forward to a block each month.   We do understand that some people will always need to drop out.  If you're not a member yet and want to join, please email Tammie at and let us know.  I'm getting ready to do the fabric part and need to know how much to order. 

 First here's a sneak peek

But we need to find a name and I think we'll have a contest. 
The winner will get the BOM free each month.   
If you have a good name for the quilt let us know in the comments section sometime between now and December 19th.  
We'll announce a winner on the 21st

And off I go to write the instructions for my blocks in the Moda Blockheads BOW - watch the blog for more information.........

And information on the QNNTV MdCalls Quilt-Along - "Over the Meadow" - it should be airing soon.

Keep quilting ladies.


  1. Bee the freedom flowers make a warm home

  2. With the stars it has definitly a touch of night and dream to it so I would name it 'A dream in the night'.

  3. "Happy To Bee Free"
    "Bee Happy, Bee Free"
    "Summer Breeze"
    "Summer Sampler"

    Congrats to the winner of the Quilts We Love magazine! So many great projects in there, difficult to chose which one to start first! :-)

  4. I would name the quilt "Th Joy of Coming Home" reminds me of the warmth and good memories of being home with family, especially during the Holidays.

  5. Kim Berget

    My Country 'Tis Of Thee

  6. The name that came to mind after looking at your sketch is "Eventide".

  7. It so pretty. I like the name: Life's Sweet Moments

  8. I think it should be called "Starbright". It reminds me of the child like freedom and liberties I had living in upstate NY, where the sky's were so beautiful and full of a million stars

  9. I think you should name it one of the following:

    Patek's Pride
    Missouri's Pride
    Beautifully Floral

    Thank you.

    Helen Davalos

  10. "Douce maison sous une nuit étoilée" en français (de Claudine from France)... "Sweet Home under starry night"

  11. Glorious Bee Country!
    Best wishes!

  12. I like simple so my suggestion is "Americana"

  13. I like simple so my suggestion is "Americana"

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  15. America the Bee-utiful!

    (There, that's what I was trying to type!)

  16. I would call this quilt stars and bees skeps

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  18. I've reposted as my name came up oddly.
    I would call this block of the month quilt, " Bee Skeps and Stars" because those were the first things I noticed in the design.
    Jan Moore

  19. I would call it My home Sweet Home

    Warm hugs, Ruthie

  20. I suggest Eagle's Home or Eagle's Pride.

  21. Once upon a homestead !!!!! Thanks ...

  22. "Diary of a homestead "might be a nice choice.
    Cindy h.

  23. Freedom's Bounty" a shortened version of my former post.

  24. I noticed that this quilt has a really careful balance going on, with lots of motifs shown in doubles. Thus, I think it would be good to go with a name that reflects that, such as "It Takes Two"; "Cozy in Pairs";"Better Together"; "Perfect Pairs"; "Two's Company"; or "Everything's Better in Pairs."

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  26. "Shared Blessings"; "Blessings from Above"; or "Star-Spangled Blessings"?

  27. America-Days Gone By
    America's Good Ol' Days
    Country Memories

  28. "Bee Skep Cottage Neighbors" or "Dreams of a Country Life"
    Grace L.