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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Well..... At long last I am officially a Blockhead!

But Not Just any Old Blockhead
I'm a Moda Blockhead.

And you can be one too by joining Lynne, Betsy, Jo, Lisa, Carrie and me 
as we make forty-eight 6" blocks.


We've been waiting for this for weeks so come Quilt Along with us and lets get started.

The 1st block is Whirligig by Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles and I chose fabric from Lynne's Thistle Farms to have it made.
(I'm not known for my piecing so my friend Amy Gertz has joined me in some of the sewing.)
To download the pattern and instructions for the block click here.

And I know this isn't a Blog Hop but you will want to hop (or stroll) over to the other ladies blogs and see what they have done with Lynne's block.

Lynne -
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Betsy -
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Moda -
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On a very sad note, we lost our Spike a little over a month ago.
He was my sweetheart and he loved my quilts.
Whenever we changed the big quilt that hangs in the foyer, we had to lay it on the floor to attach it to the board it hung on and Spike was sure to run over to sit down.

And he didn't like being told to get off of it either.......
but he always did.

Here he is when we first got him.........

And here is Elizabeth - our new puppy

I could only stand about 2 weeks without a bulldog.
Luckily we found a breeder only about 3 hours away.
She is truly "Queen of the Realm" as Pep says.

Be sure to come back next Wednesday to see and get our next block - Aunt Dinah by Betsy!

And the timer was set for 7:00 but apparently it didn't go up.  Good thing I checked.  Aaargh!

Meantime Dobby and Elizabeth and I need to go feed the wild birds and let the chickens out.  Then  I'll sit and stitch for a bit while they play before it's back to work.  We still have a few Fabric Packs to get out and I have quilts to design. :)

Life is good ----especially for Blockheads.


  1. Life IS good ... especially for Blockheads! hahaha!

  2. Such a cute addition to your family! So sad to read of Spike's passing. Looking forward to being a "Blockhead", also.

  3. So soory that you lost Spike but congrats to the new puppy:-)
    Love your block and I'm so happy that the block-head finally tarts can't wait to make my first block tonight.

  4. I am so sorry for Spike's passing. I am without my Annissa since January 2nd after a week in ICU and having my hopes so high. Such grief I haven't known possible. Now I know the love of dogs. So happy for you and Elizabeth! She is so charming!

  5. So sorry about Spike. Elizabeth is a so sweet.
    Love my fabrics, thank you!

  6. Hi, I am so sorry about the passing of Spike. I see you have a corgi, I have one too! She is my sewing buddy along with my cats :-) I am so excited about becoming a blockhead. Gosh I just found out about it, I better get busy!!

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