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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Moda Blockheads - Block #21

Flying Geese Variation 
Jo Morton

To get to Jo's Blog and download the pattern
click here.

The question for today is
"Do you put labels on your quilts?"
Definitely if they are going someplace without me - like to a trunk show, etc.
I try to get labels on all of the quilts before we leave for Market but sometimes time just gets away from me and they don't get labeled.  By the time we get home and are unpacking I'm usually on to something different - different fabric, different quilts - so they may not get a label put on.

Years ago Moda asked some of the designers to design some labels and they printed them.  I have a bolt of labels that I'm slowly going through.  
They come in very handy. :)  And my sandpaper board makes writing on them a breeze.

This is my quilt without a name.  It's the July Kit for my Wallhanging/Throw Club.
The quilt is 42" x 56".
We're getting close to the end of July and I still can't think of a name for it.

I decided to  pull you all in on it again.

Come up with a name for me and put it in the comments either here or scroll down and put it in the comments for my post last Monday.  
We'll pick one and announce it next Monday-July 31st.  
It will still be July :)

To order one (and a sandpaper board if you need one) click here

Now, lets go see what the other designers had to say about labeling and what they did with Jo's block.

Lynne -

Have a great week ladies and meet me back here next Wednesday for Week #22 of the Moda Blockheads BOW. 


  1. I'd say "Home for the Holidays". It is very cute.

  2. I'll suggest "Blessings Beyond" or "Beyond Blessed". To me, you've included the basic necessities of our Blessings...a great country, a roof over our heads, nature's bounty, man's best friend, and a treasured starry night sky. It says quite a lot in it. Great job!

  3. "Autumn Moon" - the moon caught my eye, along with the pumpkins. I love it!! What a lovely quilt!! Warmly, Pris from Idaho

  4. 'Home on a star night' - sorry I'm not good at naming quilts.

  5. Homeward your designs!

  6. Love that white pumpkin! How about "When the frost is on the Pumpkin"

  7. In honor of the upcoming eclipse, and the flying geese....; I'd say, " headed home for an American(a) eclipse" or, "there's no place like home for an eclipse".
    Here in western nc we are at the center of it and are expecting 100,000+ people in our small town! So that's what I thought of when I saw the moon and geese and home and Americana .
    Hope you find a name you like, and I love your work.

    1. Ps
      I remember the last one. It was around the bicentennial wasn't it? Or I could be wrong... but seeme I remember it in conjunction and always love America.... "home for the eclipse " (another possibility )is where I'll be !in my own back yard!

  8. " American Pride" it has all the things that remind me of an American Home

  9. I suggest "Heart of America" as the name for this new quilt. I love it! ❤️

  10. How about "Walking Home" or "Safely Home"!

  11. True Americana would be a good name

  12. "Harvest Home" would be nice!

  13. "From Summer Skies to Pumpkin Pies" sound like a winner!

  14. Or "Late Summer Sky", or "Late Summer Evening Sky"

  15. Flying geese around the corner
    would be my name for the quilt. May it be autumn soon.

  16. Patriotic Pumpkins or Patriotic Pioneer.

  17. "Harvest Stars" or "Autumn Starlight" or "Twinkle Twinkle Autumn Star" or "American Autumn"

  18. My guesses for the contest are: My Americana Home, and Autumn Americana Home, and Headed Home for Fall, and Fall in the Heartland. It is a great pattern, having so many interesting parts to it. I guess I could go on and on. Very inspirational design.

  19. My name for the contest is Stars and Stripes on a Moonlit Night

  20. My suggestion is "Home Sweet Home"

  21. How about Fall Is In the Air or American My Home.
    Thanks for the fun.. MaryLou

  22. Suggested name -- October in the Country

    Love your work. I have a question. There is a quilt of yours in article in which you and your work are featured in the Sept/Oct 2012 Quilt Mania, p 46, that I love. It's a early one, before you had a fabric line. I'd love to have a pattern if one in available, but I don't see one on your website. Perhaps there was a pattern published in one of your earlier books? The quilt is pretty large, it is partially shown in front of a white cabinet. The quilt has various images: birds, bush, hearts in hands, vase, baskets, etc. Colors are an assortment of blues, some browns and tan, a lot of plaid and stripes. I'd send a photo but can't post attachments here. Can you advise if a pattern was printed and if one is available at your website?

    Thanks for all your incredible artistry!

  23. How about Evening Journey. or Evening Adventure. The dog is headed home or down the road for an unknown journey and the geese are headed out on their own adventure .

  24. sweet land of liberty.

    thank you!

  25. "Come Home When the Lights Are On." Didn't we all have return home when the neighbors' light came on? I did!

  26. American Country is my daughter's suggestion.


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