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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Book 2 of Folk Art Favorites plus Clover Meadow fabric is shipping

Our Vintage book this
month is
Folk Art Favorites.

There are 3 books in this series
(This is book 2)

with lots of fun quilts designed by
fellow Moda designer

Sandy Klop
(known to most quilters as
American Jane)

and of course there are a 
couple by me.

And its a really exciting month
for me because my latest
fabric line - Clover Meadow -
is shipping to your local quilt store.

Lots of precuts shipped  a couple of weeks ago

and the yardage is shipping now.

Along with kits for

Jan and Pep's Marvelous Adventure - 
our 50th Anniversary Quilt

So I get lots of Christmas
presents this year and so do you. 

Our Deal of the Week 

is a kit for the larger version of 

No Room at the Inn.

It's 32" x 35" and you can 
get your kit by clicking here. 

I believe the Tablestand version
(12" x 25")
is still on sale in the store too.

Have a great week ladies
and be sure to come back next week
for an update on 
Blockheads 3.

And I'm sorry ladies,
I wrote this last night but forgot to publish it.


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