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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Snow and cold and No heater :(

We did indeed 
get the Winter Storm.

This morning I opened the door to
let the dogs out, 
Elizabeth stuck her head out and
turned around and came back in.

Dobby - our Welch Corgi - has 
quite a bit more fur than a bulldog,
so he went out.  Elizabeth finally did too,
but only after I grabbed my coat and earmuffs 
and went out first.

The first things we did was go
out back to the bird feeders and 
load them up.   When the day starts 
out at 9 degrees, we have to fill them twice.

This is what the living room looked like 
for two days - only with the door closed.   The
wood burning stove sits inside out fireplace. 
Mice had gotten into the heat pump - they
fried themselves but they fried the switches
on the heat pump too so we heated with wood for 
2 days.  And Pep and I only got to sleep for 2 hour 
stretches so we could load up the stove to keep it going.

This is a space heater that helped a little

And here's what helped a lot.

This is "Living the Good Life" our
Mystery Quilt from two years ago.

I sat in my chair and dozed and sewed
on the binding.  

Anyway.  The heat pump is fixed now and 
both the pattern and the kit for the quilt will be in the
store later today now that I finally finished it.
Its been hanging over the railing in the foyer all
of this time because I forgot to do the hand sewing on
the binding.

And this is the back of the Winter Tablestand 
that I'm working on.
Right now - I'm off the the beauty parlor.
Have a good week ladies.  


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