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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Happy December

And our Vintage book

this month


Jake is 23 now and a student
at UMKC school of Dentistry

and as long as I have 
Up on the Rooftop
I'll have the memories of
when he was five.
(The reindeer head is his 
footprint and the antlers
are his handprints).

It also has the one of my favorites,
the pattern for the quilt
that goes on the bed in the kids room
every Christmas -   Pinetree Village

It's simple and says Christmas to me

Our special this week is the kit for
Holly Tree Lane Tablestand.


and back

for 20% off

That's it for now ladies,  Pep and I got

our booster shots yesterday and I'm going to take a liedown.   Keep quilting. :)





  1. long ago and far away I made a few blocks like this from my now teenage boys feet and hands. I'm inspired to put them together. Merry Christmas.

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