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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

And the sun is finally out today

in this part of Missouri.

Thank you God. 

I'm really sick and tired of rain
but guess I should be glad I 
don't live in California.

I took advantage of the great weather
to take Elizabeth and Dobby outside to play while I
hung a few clothes on the line.

And, of course they had to go say 
hi to Muffin up by the barn and
help guard the trusty Kubota.  My 
father-in-law Byron brought the little
tractor over from Chillicothe when we
first moved here and it keeps the land looking
tidy all year - mowing and snow removal
are its specialties.

When we got to the barn we found that Muffin
still had his roomie (I'm not sure what his
name is yet - or even if its a him).  But he's
not a feral cat because he lets me pet him.
He showed up a couple of days ago and seems
to like it here.

We need to have a contest for a name for him.  
And the winner can get a free kit for 
our little Tablestand quilt that's on
sale this week.  The rest of you can get
a kit or a pattern for 20% off by clicking here

                                                                Can't Wait Till Spring

Have a great week with the people and the 
quilts that you love.   See you next Wednesday


  1. Si se deja acariciar ( Romeo ) le puede gustar

  2. What a beautiful cat! I always thought striped cats were tiger cats and only recently learned they're called tabby cats. Huh! Always learning.
    A name is such a personal thing which to me involves not only appearance but also personality. Not knowing this fellow's personality (so the names might be wrong for him) I suggest Roscoe and my daughter thought he looks like a Franklin. I think he could also, maybe, be a Winston.

  3. Wish we had more rain down here in San Antonio, Tx....been pretty dry lately and we only got a bit of rain today. Muffin is a pretty girl and so is her new friend. I'd suggest Pickles for a name...those pretty eyes, and there's something about the look he has in that picture. :-)