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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

Its not quite summer but our Vintage book 

for the end of May and beginning of June

(which is tomorrow) is the 

Folk Art Favorites books one of which is

Each of the books was originally 15.00 so

                                                   we'll sell a bundle of all 3 this week for $22.50 

                                                   which is 1/2 price.  The other two are 

                                                  Home by the Fire and Winter Holidays.

                                                     You can go to the store to pick up the books

                                                     by clicking here

Back to summer (the season, not my granddaughter)

The baby Bantys are hatching

there are 7 little balls of fluff.

Their mother is the speckled hen,

Zoie named her Sherran)

and daddy is probably the black rooster.

I don't know why but if their parents hatch

them they can just eat regular chicken feed

right away.  But if you buy them from a hatchery

or store you have to get "chickstart" feed for them.  

Apparently we will soon have more running
around the yard.

We've had a really busy week because
its been a really busy month.  Both Kelly and Max
were born in May and Jake and Quinn both
graduated this month.  
Max made reservations at a restaurant in Kansas City,
Jake went to the restaurant and left his car and Zoie 
picked him up and brought him to our house so he 
could drive us to the restaurant since neither of us
had been there before and didn't know that part of town.
Jake had another engagement he needed to go to after
the dinner so he needed his car.
We had an awesome dinner.  Quinn got a scholarship
to Penn Valley, has joined the Peace Corps and
will go to Africa to teach English after 2 years of school,
 then come back to finish his degree.  He's one very excited kid
and we're very proud of him.
And of course we're also very proud of Dr. Findley.

And since summer officially starts in June 
our special for the week is the
"Summertime" kit for 20% off

I think that's all the babbling for one day.
Have the very best week with the people and 
quilts that you love and I'll see you next week.





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