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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

                                                   The 20th of June is American Eagle Day 

 American Eagle Day celebrates the day

that the Eagle was first included in the seal of

the United States in 1782.

Now it also serves to remind us to protect the Bald Eagles.  

In honor of the eagle our sale item this month is

Eagles and Roses, one of my favorite BOMs

I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did.
Right now I'm working on a quilt I designed using 
Deb Strain's latest fabric line.
It's called Santas Tree Farm and besides Santas and trees
it has snowballs, mittens, and of course stars.
And naturally, my printer stopped working so
everything is taking a lot longer.  I have to 
convert everything to pdfs and send them up to Tammy 
to print.  Then either she brings them down or
I go up and get them to proof.
Whew, I'm tired and pretty soon I need to go
up to the barn to feed the cat and shut up the
chickens.  My new chickens including the bantys
are due to ship next week.  
I'll take pictures for you as soon as I get them.
Right now I'm going to feed the cat, shut up the
chickens and take a small nap,
Have the best week with the people and quilts
that you love.

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