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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy 2010. Hope your New Year is full of family, friends, good food and of course -

Today is the day I take down the tree and one thing always leads to another!
When the tree came down, I saw the curtain needed washing - and then so did the
window. And,
I just had to move the couch and chairs when sweeping up the needles. But I had an email asking me to give some ideas about quilting on and around applique on my blog so I decided to multi task. It always takes quite awhile for the pictures to upload and this blog needs to be full of pictures. So I'll upload and go sweep and upload and wash a window. Kind of a fun day! Then tonight I get to stop and sew.

Anyway - back to the quilting question. I do very little quilting myself - there just isn't time to do both applique and quilting. Since applique is my first love, that's mainly what I do. The little quilting I do is on small projects only and I use linen thread but I'll do another blog on that some day.

For the larger projects, I am very lucky to know a longarm quilter who does awesome custom quilting. Her name is Lori Kukuk and she is a gem. She has done all of my quilts for years now. To give you an idea of the different things she does with quilting my applique quilts I decided to use last year's Mystery Quilt - Cabin in the Pines.

I hope you can see the quilted heart in the door along with the quilted boards in the house and bricks in the chimney.

I think the pictures can give you some ideas about quilting in and around trees and


flowers, berries & leaves


and backgrounds.

I hope this helped and gave you some ideas. I thank Lori mentally every time I get a quilt from her. It is such a joy to sit and bind something she has quilted. As I bind I get to see all of her neat designs that have added so much to my quilt. Thanks again Lori. By the way, her email address is if you want to get in touch with her.

On a totally different subject - while we were at Market last fall, Moda had all of the designers that were there interviewed and videotaped. It was really a lot of fun after we relaxed and decided we didn't care what we looked like on tape (I usually take pretty bad pictures).
They gave us a list of questions and we got to pick a few to answer. The tapes don't tell what the questions were but mine were: 1) oldest thing in the house 2) time you were in trouble 3) first thing you do in the morning 4) advice to quilters
If you get a chance, go to the Moda Home Page and watch the videos. They're really fun.

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  1. HAVE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! (And fun putzing around your house today.) Dawn