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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Signs of spring

Really - this is a sign that it's between Christmas and New Year's Day. That's always when we get our first seed catalog. I guess that spring is on it's way - it is after the Winter Solstice - days are getting longer.
It was really hard to tell though as we got hit with the worst snowstorm in 20 years. On the way to town to pick up the grandkids I found a huge snowdrift around a corner at the top of a hill. It went clear across the road and was about 5 carlengths long. Thanks God - for cellphones and neighbors.

The cellphone enabled me to call AAA but the neighbor just happened to have a Bobcat. By the time he had me dug out of the drift he had icicles hanging from his mustache. Then he followed me home to make sure I got here. There are some really nice people in this neck of the woods. Pep and I stayed at home for a couple of days until the roads were cleared (even UPS couldn't get here) and planned our garden. Lots of peppers to keep us warm.

The "Cackle" catalog just came 2 days ago. Spring is on it's way.

But my chickens already knew that. They've been laying 12-13 eggs a day - in the midst of all the snow and REALLY COLD weather.

It's been really cold and gloomy here for almost a month but they knew it would get warm and sunny again. One of the things I love about having animals is that they're in touch with the earth cycles and what's really going on. I always felt better each evening after I gathered the eggs and made them cozy for the night. Warmer days are coming - it will be time to hatch babies soon.

Quiltwise, I've been working on blocks for the Mystery Quilt and, of course, I can't show you those. I want to get as much done as possible as everything comes to a halt when I get the new fabric line. I've also been working on drawing patterns so that when the next fabric ships I won't have quite so much to do. And of course, I can't show you that either.

I've also been working on some spring and summer Mini Rugs that I do with my punchneedle.
I can show you one of them. I'll try to find time in the next week or two to do a blog on
the process. I just love the look and feel of them.

Meanwhile, it's still cold but at least the sun is out. And my favorite rooster watches
his hens as they scratch in the garden.


  1. What a wonderful crew you have there! That's alot of eggs :-) These birds feed you and inspire you too...and we all benefit!

  2. Thanks. I had Pep build me my chicken house years ago when I quit working in Kansas City and became a fulltime "stay at home and work" person. My grandparents had chickens and I've always associated them with home and family. And my dad was a vet. They get to roam and scratch so the eggs they give are sooo much better than anything you can buy. We feed all of our kids and grandkids and there's a run on them when we have extra and Pep takes them to work. OK - I'll shut up about chickens now. :)

  3. Oops. I forgot to say, thanks for the very nice comment, Loris - and that's what I started the comment about. I do get carried away about my chickens. :)

  4. Today I am not thinking spring, it is freezing and windy as heck.
    Love the scrappy look of your flower, is that fabrics and rug punch? Never thought to try fabrics, I have done locker hooking with them, but with punch and hooking, I always use wool or yarns.


  5. I was just dreaming about my flower gardens the other is a good time to plan! LOVE the seed catalogs, can't wait to dig in the dirt! Not today, it is snowing a bit in Lee's Summit. Stay warm!

  6. I love going through the seed catalogs! And since we are expecting an inch of ice tonight that may be all I do for the next day or so!

    ps...the chickens are great!

  7. I have given your blog an award on my blog. I love your work! Karmen

  8. I LOVE the flower Mini Rug. I have done the punchneedle with yarn but haven't seen it with strips. It's great. I would love a tutorial. I love your new Looking Back fabric line. Thanks!!