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Friday, November 19, 2010

Gabriel's Ark

This is one more day in our Holiday Blog Hop. I never was good with numbers so I can't remember which day except that it's the day for Tracy from Plumcute Designs. And they are. A charming stitchery with candy canes and snowflakes awaits you at her blog as well as some yummy cookies. I've loved Snickerdoodles since I was a kid.

Meantime, back here in Missouri, I'm playing with my homespuns again. This is Gabriel's Ark. Before Gabriel (our grandson who is 3) could talk, he knew all of the animal sounds. His alltime favorites were the snakes and the wolves .... but he knew them all. So of course his quilt had to be an ark. One of the interesting things about designing and running a pattern and kit business is that if you want to give away a quilt, you get to make two so you have one for Festivals and lectures and trunk shows. I'm working on his at the moment. I didn't make all of the first one so this is a treat for me. And there's no deadline because he's 3 and really doesn't have much of a concept of time. Right now, he just likes to look at the blocks and tell me what sound they make.

He wants a dinosaur on the quilt - a T-rex, or course. I told him that the dinosaur would have to be on the back because he doesn't play well with others.

This is Oscar, Brian Jr's cat who is staying with us for awhile. He makes me want to go take a nap in the sun in the garden. I may put on a jacket and go sit and stitch for awhile. Happy quilting ladies.


  1. What a darling design. Even more exciting for me is the anticipation of some fab homespuns that are sure to be in a quilt shop near me . . . soon!

  2. Love the quilt, it is wonderful.
    I do have the books with those designs in them and plan on making some of them.


  3. oh Jan I just love this quilt...something about the animals and all those plaids, warms the heart.
    hope you were able to sit out in the sun and stitch even for just a bit, soak in that vitamin d!!!!

  4. That's a quilt any kid (big or little) would love!

  5. My friend Jenny D says that "boy quilts" are hard to find and she thinks this is a good one. I do agree with her but also with Highland Monkey. It's a boy quilt and a me quilt.