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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's a start!

I'll explain the "It's a start" in a second but first a few witch pics from Market.
These charming witches all posed by my "Witch Is In! wallhanging.
They are:
Cindi Edgerton and Sylvia Williams in the purple hats,

Karen in the cute, perky black hat, and

Marcea in the big black hat! You'll notice in the picture of Marcea that
"The Witch Is In!" was hanging right above my chair. As we told everyone
at Market - this is not a Halloween Quilt. This is a lifestyles statement quilt :)

And back at the home front, one of this years hens has started production. The regular size egg is from one of last year's ladies, the small egg is the first one laid by one of this year's girls. It's about the size of a Robin egg. Well, as I said, "It's a Start". The kids were asking what we'll do with it. It will probably end up in a quiche or scrambled eggs. Waste not, want not. :)

Right now you need to hop on over to Cheri Saffiote's blog and see the neat things she has in store for us. (In case you're here because Granola Girl sent you from her blog last time, she apparently didn't get the correction email. I'll have all sorts of goodies in store on Nov. 29th.) See you then.

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  1. Market was on a fun weekend, perfect to tie in with your quilting.