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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A great big Thank You to Moda!

When I first designed the Angel Pillow for the Blog Hop, I asked Moda if they had any sample fabric of the homespuns I used in the pillow. I wanted to make a few Pillow Kits to sell. The homespuns aren't due to ship until January and really aren't even in the country yet, but I thought they might have a little at the warehouse. I wasn't too surprised when Debby said there wasn't any available. So I had Tori cut two kits out of the fabric I get for the giveaway.

My day on the Blog Hop was Tuesday, Nov. 30th. On Friday our friendly UPS man delivered a box from Moda. When I opened it, it was all the fabrics needed for the pillow. Thanks guys. Moda is such a great company to work for.
So - if you haven't started your pillow yet and would like a kit (or would just like two pillows made out of different fabrics), we have a few kits for sale. I added them to the storefront this afternoon.
And watch for news tomorrow of our New Website and Store Saleabration!.


  1. Thanks Jan! I ran right over and ordered the kit! Can't wait to get it and your new fabrics when they are available. Ordered your other pillow kit as well! Will you be publishing the pattern from the featured fabric quilt (homespun stars, I believe?) I missed out on that one and love it! Betsy

  2. How wonderful for you & a very nice surprise to open :)
    I was blessed as being one of your blog pillow winners (again, thank you)and to date I haven't received it. When do you feel it should arrive?
    Sincerely, Jackie in NC

  3. Answers - Homespun Stars will be in the new book by Quiltmania that is coming out in April. I don't know the name of the book yet but will have some for sale as soon as they're published.
    Also - sorry for the delay jackiero. You should get it any day. We've been so socked in with getting the new store and website ready, everything else went on hold. We should be back up to speed soon.

  4. I got into my sewing room and was able to sew a few things, but standing over the table was too much for my ribs. Hopefully I can cut down my piece tomorrow and add the borders, then I can finish the rest of my angel. I added my free pattern tonight, so had to get that done first.


  5. Thanks Jan! Will look for the book on your site this Spring. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  6. Dear Jan, I am quilting the pumpkin wreath pattern (not sure of the exact name). I just love it. Am wondering when you will have another quilt show for us to show off our beautiful quilts? Have a wonderful holiday. Wondering if you have the cold and snow that has been in the news the past few days. Cindy