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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Day 2 of Christmas

As you can see it was a "White Christmas" here - and just the right kind. It covered the ground well, was great for sledding and snowmen but came off the walks and roads easily. Pep had no trouble driving home from KC Christmas morning, always a worry with snow

To celebrate we're having a 1 day, "Day 2 of Christmas Sale". All of our Christmas patterns and books are Buy 1, Get 1 Free (of equal or lesser value, of course). That's for today only. And we have a few of our neat stockings left - a penny a piece. We'd give them away but our storefront won't let us put -0- as a price. And 1 stocking per customer, please. ( You can buy all the patterns and books you want.)

Here's what I did last week.

I always like to make the smaller grandchildren something. I found this really cute little pattern for pillows. It used fleece and fusible webbing but NOT for my grandchildren. I decided to applique all of the eyes and spots and noses and of course, use mostly Brannock/Patek fabric. It was really a lot of fun. I think Zoie's cat kind of looks like a mouse. Pep said that was "cataflouge". Hmmm! I've been married to him 41 years so I'm kind of used to it. Zoie thought it was really funny though.

Today really is "Merry Christmas, Day 2" for us. Brian and Shannon and their 4 are coming over for opening presents and dinner. Brooke is only 4 months so I didn't make her a pillow, nor did I think Brian Jr (12) or Jake (14) were pillow pet candidates. They agreed :) How embarrassing that would have been?
After a great buffet yesterday, the adults all took naps while children played.

Dueces and Davey had gotten there before us but they shared.
Merry Christmas Day 2 to all.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day another wonderful day ahead.
    We are just enjoying a day at home, watching the snow fall.