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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The fabric is back in the store!

This just seems to be the year for messes in my business structure. First Tara got married and decided not to come back - boy, what a mess with no one knowing where she kept files or lists - who got what, who had cancelled, yada, yada, yada.
Then the same shipping structures I have used for years seem to have collapsed and we're having to restructure the way we mail things.
And then my store people decided to upgrade things while I was in France & Salt Lake City. It was a good idea and I like most of the changes now that I know about them BUT

in the process they seem to have lost

all of the fabric in my store. You could see the cuts you could get (1/4 yd, 1/2 yd, etc) but the fabric itself disappeared.

I didn't even know it wasn't there until a customer told me she couldn't find it any more. Sure enough - no fabric.
Well, it's back. I just put it all back in and it better not disappear again. So there :)
I'm going to go sit on the deck and stitch for awhile. Whew!
Have a good weekend.


  1. I am glad you got it straightened out. Maybe now you can relax this weekend;)


  2. I'm drooling at the site of that yummy fabric!! Thank you for the gift for my eyes!

  3. hmmmm... sorry, I can only see the first 3 pictures on the fabric site. The other pictures are just blank. Maybe it's just me?
    have a nice weekend, jolanda

  4. Jolanda - I just went up and checked and they're all there on my screen. Whew - you had me scared there. You have to go down to
    Fabric - Black
    Fabric - Blue
    etc. and click on the words. Then the fabric come up. I don't know why the Fabric colors aren't right under the word Fabric but I can't get them to move.

  5. Jan- I ordered a yard of your homespun on 11 March. I am still waiting for it. I have sent countless emails to Byron, I have spoken to him on the phone many times, I have spoken to Tara twice. Once Byron did actually resend the order and the invoice was correct but what I received was the January Bible quilt block. I spoke to Byron about it but he doesn't seem to care. I spoke to Tara about it and she said she would send the fabric but that was 2 weeks ago. I don't know what to do, didn't want to contact you here but can't seem to get help via email or the phone. When I first started getting the Bible quilt BOM I wad being billed via paypal. Then on April I got an invoice mailed. When I sent the check I wrote a note to Byron telling him about the fabric I had never received and asking him to bill me via paypal. I explained that I am not good about writing checks and mailing them. I have also asked him over the phone to bill me via paypal. So, I have told Byron about my missing fabric via countless emails, many phone calls, and a hand written letter. I have asked to be billed for my BOM via the phone and written letter. Today I received the June BOM in the mail. I never did get May. I also have never received a paypal request for May or June payment. I hope that getting the May BOM isn't as impossible as getting the homespun has been. I have sent Byron my phone number MANY times but never received a phone call. Please help.
    Sue Schultz 404 863 1231