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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monday comes on Wednesday this week!

Sorry bout that but Bully isn't feeling well again and all of my energy has gone there. He hasn't eaten anything for 3 days. He just wouldn't eat. The only thing he really wanted was Spike's Baby Dog food. (And we've had Spike for a couple of weeks now so I didn't think that the new puppy was the problem.) I finally called my brother (he's a vet) last night and he confirmed what I thought - the Baby Dog food would not be at all good for Bully. Jim said that dogs with Bully's heart condition can develop liver and kidney problems and it makes them nauseous. The Baby Dog food is really high in protein and not at all what Bully needs - it could make him worse. Pep's been making Bully chicken and rice but he wouldn't even eat that. Pep cooked some fresh today and we gave it to him warm. Huzzah, Huzzah! He ate it! So I'll be heating it up in the microwave twice a day from now on. Good Lord! Anyway, things may be turning around again for awhile. But I do have to face the fact that he's 11 and that is pretty old for a bulldog. Jake looked it up on the internet and the oldest bulldog was 13.

So - back to the quilting part of my life. Zoie drew Janell's name from the entries. Janell, if you'll send your name and shipping address to, we'll send you your Recipe Card/Quilt Blocks and your Together Scrap Bag.
Thanks to all of you for your comments. That was a fun video and of course, I think Spike is awesome.

Memorial Day is over and Summer is Here. I know because Jake is taking Driver's Ed (however did he get that old?), Zoie is in Summer School and Quinn has T-ball games. And I've got to find time to get out to Olathe and see Brian and his family and catch up on their doings. I haven't seen them since before I left for France.
To celebrate summer we're going to have a "special" on a kit each week in June. This week it's Jake's Eagles - Regularly $39.95. June 1st thru the 7th, it's only $32.95. The 4th of July is coming. This awesome little quilt will add to your home not only on the 4th but all year long.

Well, I'd better get off of the computer and take Spike outside for his constitutional. :)


  1. Poor Bully, it is hard when they get older. Mine has lyme, so he goes through spells and we give him hamburger and rice when he is sick.
    Love the eagles, I need to go pull out my americana books and see what I have in small quilts.


  2. Prayers for sweet Bully and his family. These creatures of ours are so adorable and give us such love that we want to hold them close forever. I'm glad you have the best advice close at hand so you know just how to take care of him. Please give him some love pats "from California". I love seeing his picture.

  3. I hope Bully starts feeling better. I know where you are coming from - I have two bullies and they are 10 and 11. The 11 year old cannot see or hear very well, but she is still a little sweetheart. Hugs and prayers for Bully!!


  4. It hurts so badly when your baby is sick, whether it's human or furry. Hope Bully starts feeling better real soon. And there's nothing wrong with heating his food. I have two cats and heat their food twice a day. I know I wouldn't want to eat cold cat food so they shouldn't have to, either.