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Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Veteran's Day

Most of you who follow this blog (or have just read my books over the years) know that we're a pretty military family. My father was career Army, Pep's father was career Navy and Jake's father is career Air Force.

So Veteran's Day is pretty important to us. And it's a day for the country as a whole to stop and remember to say "thank you" to all of the men and women (my aunt Janet was a WAC) who have served their country so well and kept us all safe.
We thought it would be nice to celebrate Veteran's Day by cutting the price of two of our patriotic quilt kits.

My idea was to offer Jake's Eagles and Four Flags for 20% off today. But Kelly sends out our emails and she made it 20% off for a week. Good idea Kelly.

The kits would make a nice gift for a quilter who has served or has a spouse serving. And really, they're both pretty simple to make and could easily be done in time for the holidays.

But you don't need a quilt to say "thanks". It's just one way of remembering. Our local veterans were selling things outside of Walmart this week. I didn't need a cap but I gave some money anyway. When they said thanks, I said - "And thank you!" Let's make sure we do.


  1. Great quilts! And thank you to your family...the ones that served in uniform and the ones they left at home! I can't imagine where we'd be now without their sacrifices. God bless you all, SWarren

  2. Another lovely post celebrating our Veterans! Thank you! Ours is big Navy family, and 1 Marine (our grandson!) I know just how you feel! Thanks!