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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ok, ok - so it's Winter

It seems that our days when it's in the high 60's are over here for awhile - probably quite awhile. At least we're not far enough north that we're getting snow already. I think we were already last year though.

The house is slowly changing seasons - Bittersweet wreath returned to the peg in the back room, Stars & evergreens on the door, twinkly lights overhead.

Dresden Turkeys came off of the back wall and will return to the loft while our latest Sue's Snowman Basket came down to the house. This is the latest Mini Quilt Club offering so if you belong to that club yours will be shipped next week. I really like snowmen because they're great for Christmas but then carry over into the new year since winter usually carries on after Christmas. And it's quick and easy and along with "Here Comes Santa" should give you something to stitch on each night.
And speaking of Christmas and stitching, a gift from Jan Patek Quilts to you - a free pattern or book (excluding KC Star and Quiltmania books) will be included with every order from now until the 1st of the year. That includes our Club & BOM shipments.

I'm working on next year's Mystery Quilt and the Blog Hop Pumpkin Tablerunner (still holding onto Fall a little - in my heart at least) every morning and night. It is pretty cold outside so Deuces decided to stay in and entertain us by playing with Spike while I stitched and Pep watched TV. They really like each other and didn't tire of playing until Pep had to get ready for work.
The Blog Hop starts Monday and we have some goodies in mind - Dec. 5th - 9th. See you then.


  1. I am still working on projects and a lot I won't have time for, think I need to start in January for next year, lol.


  2. Ooooh I love that wreath!!! I love following your blog and I hope you will follow me back over at

  3. That wreath with the stars is absolutely wonderful! Are those rusty tin stars? I have some of those, actually a lot of those but never thought to put them on my holiday wreath. It's getting cold here too ~ I didn't last more than two minutes out there this morning in my jammies waving goodbye to my hub as he drove off to work ~ BRRRRRRRRRRRR! Yesterday it was 63 and tonight they are saying about 20 here in the pine barrens.

  4. I have a wreath and stars so I know what I'll be doing today!!! Would also like to make the small freebie quilt Cozy Cabin that you offered in August. I have misplaced the pattern that I downloaded. Is it possible to download again? I tried going back to the your post that contained the pattern but it does not work. Can anyone please help me. I have the scrape bag and finish fabric but no pattern:(

  5. That snowman basket is so cute and I love that star wreath.. Awesome.. are they rusty stars?? Have a blessed holiday.

  6. Angie, I tried to email you but couldn't make it work. Email Tori at and tell her I asked her to send you a pattern. We're having to find a new place for downloads - that one is just gone. :(

  7. Your work is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!