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Monday, October 27, 2014

Another Market gone by - Almost

Here we all (Moda designers) were last night just after closing. 
A motley crew if I ever saw one.  :)  
No - really, a bunch of very nice people

as well as great designers.

We'll tell you about Laurie's black eye later.  She really did slip in the shower and hit her head on the counter.  (All sorts of ribbing has been going her way - and my husband has been a major contributor.  - Of course, I did tell her to have Polly stop hitting her so hard :).)
Anyway she did go to the hospital and a CT showed things to be in working order which relieved us all.

And not to forget our fearless leaders, Cheryl Freydberg and Mark Dunn.
Of course Mark is a designer himself.  He even came to the schoolhouse wearing jammies from his latest line.

This is the Collections for a Cause quilt kit for this Market.  It benefits the Texas Quilt Museum.  The original quilt the fabrics come from is the kind of blurry one with the 8 pointed stars.  
We all highly agreed that the 5 pointed stars are much more Texas-like, if that's a word.  :)

Gotta run - last day and take down.

Pep took the pictures with his I-Pad and I can't figure out how to get them on Instagram.  I am so challenged.


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time at market, wonderful photos.


  2. We sure wish we could have met you at Quilt Festival. We were disappointed that there were hardly any designers that stayed after market for the festival! Maybe next time! :-)

  3. Staying for Festival - 3 day layover and then 5 days after 2 day set up and 3 day Market - not to count traveling time. Not to be done anymore at my age. But I do miss meeting the people. Maybe some other place. :)