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Friday, October 24, 2014

Houston - here we are

And big changes back at home.

But first - Tuesday morning it was time to take the loaded van

And head for Texas.

We always make the first day a long one and end up just south of Dallas in Ennis Texas.

In north Missouri the only Patek's around are related to my father-in-law, Byron and his brother Sherwood, sons of Grandpa Harry.

Not so in Ennis.
Here's the gas station, car wash, bakery we get our awesome Kolaches.

We definitely filled up.

During the drive and after arriving in Houston, bind, bind, bind - I miss Dobby.

Here's a pixilated October Mystery Quilt Block.  I won't go into all the issues Tara and Kelly are dealing with at home just trying to clean up the lack of organization and the mess it has caused.  They are slowly wading their way through.  If you're a MQ Club member and don't get invoiced or charged this week, please get in touch with Tara at  Our list is a little pixilated too. :)

And they're still having a "Cat's Away" sale - 25% off all books, patterns and kits with Code

And tonight GOROYALS!


  1. The binding looks like it is going well, stitch by stitch. Thanks for the travel photos as I've never been to Texas. I hope you'll take a picture of a "kolache" for me next time; I've never heard of one, but if they are made by a bakery, I'd love them!

  2. My grandmother is really into quilting and loves doing it. Ever since I can remember she has always been working on a new quilt. Most of the time when she's done with a quilt she will give it to someone in need and I think that is an awesome thing for her to do.