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Monday, April 20, 2015

Latest Tutorial and It's never to early or too late :)

(not including Dueces, Pep's cat) - a great quilt for the 4th of July,

and this is the Bunny and Rooster from

Birds & Bunnies, Herbs and Honeys, an awesome spring quilt.

To watch the tutorial on doing the inside and outside curves on both quilts click here.
The kits and patterns for both quilts are on sale today and tomorrow only.   You can get to the store to buy them by clicking here or on the name of the quilt. 
You get tomorrow too because we didn't get things out until late this morning.

Here are two (or really 3) reasons why.

Grandson Jake had Senior Prom Saturday (I cannot believe he's 18 already - it makes a grandma's eyes leak) and his tux had to be returned today.  He's in school of course.

And Quinn and Cullen didn't have school today so they're at Grandma's.

Grandma is meeting herself coming and going - especially with Market looming.
But all too soon they will be 18 too.
Best enjoy these years while I can.
Meanwhile, I've Blogged, Facebooked, Instagramed and fixed them lunch.

Now to sit and stitch for a minute.


  1. Grandchildren are such a blessing : )

  2. Soooo cute! After all is said and done... family is the reason why we quilt.... enjoy! Love the quilts pictured here..... looking forward to seeing all about market too!

  3. Hi Jan! I just watched your latest tutorial and since I am not set up to leave comments on youtube, I figured I'd come here to say ... Thank you for taking the time to make these videos! You make needleturn applique seem easy and relaxing... I'm looking forward to starting an applique project this afternoon! You're a sweetheart! :-)
    Love these two latest designs and your grandchildren are darling! Happy Spring to you and your family!