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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

To Market, To Market

Hi - My name is Bopper and I live at my grandma's house 

out in the farm yard with my friends Robin and Violet White.

We have a pretty neat bunny life except Grandma gets upset when I get out and go to the garden.
Every animal on the farm has it's job.  Usually our job is to be cute and cuddly but since everyone is in high gear getting ready for Market we thought we'd help out.

Since we're big bunnies and have big heads and bigger brains than most bunnies (which is why we're good at getting into the garden), we get to help with the computer.

The quilt Grandma let us pick to be on special today is "To Market, To Market".  
To get a pattern or a kit you can click here.

That's me in the cart.  Why hop when you can ride.

And speaking of hop, you can hop on over to these Moda designers and see what's up with them.  #designersIRL.  
Be sure and come back Friday for Grandma's post day to download a free pattern and for a chance to win free fabric .


  1. Very cute bunnies, Jan. I love the To Market quilt, too. So nice to see Spike and all the other furry friends doing a good job of the blog while you are busy. I love seeing them creep into your quilt patterns, too. Have fun at Quilt Market!

  2. Cute bunnies! And hey, they're almost as big as the dog (now is it a big bunny or a small dog?)

    1. They're big bunnies. The dog is a Welsh Corgi and he's short but not small. :)

  3. I like bunnies in my quilts and out in the fields... but, in my garden? not so much... lol! ;-)