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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Block 24

Be My Neighbor
by Stacy lest Hsu

You can go to her blog to download
the pattern by clicking here.

I just love her block and would love to
make a gazillion little houses
but life got in the way.

Last Friday raccoons got into
our chicken houses.
Through a series of miscommunications
Jeff thought we were shutting up the
houses and we thought he was.

We lost almost all of our chickens
My big Lavender Orpington rooster and his hen
made it through, 1 Americauna hen and 1 banty hen.

We lost all of the others.
The only good thing about it was
the day that it happened.  That night the Amish in
Jamesport were having their monthly
small animal auction.

Nancy and I hopped into the van, drove to Jamesport

We got quite a few egg layers, 2 sets of Silkies and some 
beautiful gold chickens that I'm going to have to
research to find out what they are.
We also bought these 2 turkey babies for Zoie

We live trapped the big boar raccoon and his sow and
called our conservation officer.

Two babies (or kits) came and hung out
with their parents 

until the agent
could coral them and take them and their parents
over to Wallace State Park to be Let loose
in the woods. 
Don't let their cuteness take you in.  They'll 
grow up to be as destructive as all the adults.
(I had to keep telling myself that!)

And all of this was after cleaning out
3 houses, filling them with clean straw
 & rounding up feedersand waterers.

Ships, Stars & Whales is our featured 
quilt from the vintage book Oceans Aweigh.

My nephew Jewell had discovered my Father-in-Law's
recipe for podjarka which is printed in the book
and I promised to email him a copy.

That should do it.

Now lets go see what the others have done with
Stacy's block.

Have a good week ladies.


  1. Oh no, Jan!!! I'm so sorry for your chickens!!! It must have been a real massacre in those coops, oh my!!!
    The little raccoons look cute though 😁😁😁.

  2. So sorry that you lost almost all your chickens!
    Personally I think raccoons are cute but I also think foxes are cute ... chickens might not agree with that.

  3. I think raccoons are cute but I can't stand them around our house. You are so right about their destructiveness. I have lost so many hummingbird feeders because they love the nectar, I guess. Not content with just slurping it down, they have to tear up the feeder and sometimes just take it away, never to be found again. Glad you managed to trap them and get rid of them. Good riddance! So sorry about your chickens. Even though the timing was right, it was a downright shame to have to get more.

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