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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Blockheads 3

Block 35

Coming Together by Lissa Alexander.

You can go to her blog to 

download the pattern by 

going to

I just love this block and the

fabrics in it are from one of 

my favorite lines Clover Meadow. 

Our Vintage Book this    

month is

Quilts, Rugs & Stuff

by Linda Brannock & Jan Patek, 

an oldie but goodie.

The angel rug that's in it is on

my hearth right now.  After all, 

what is a house without angels.

And our kit on special this week
is a School Days kit at 20% off.

You can go to my store to buy
this cute little kit by clicking 
here. (And I'm having trouble
with the links again so if you can't 
get to the store, email Tammie at 
and she'll get it for you.

I want to thank each and every one
of you that sent me birthday wishes.
They made my day bright and warm.
Thank you.

Oh, and one more thing.  I can't get to the
comments.  Luckily, I kept reading the names
for my Tablestand Quilts as they
came in and I picked "Sunflower Cottage"
but I can't get to who sent it.  Tammie will
be here soon and she's the IT person around
here so she should be able to get them.
There were lots of awesome names and it 
was hard just picking one so I may pick 
another one next week.
Found it - Karen Martin named Sunflower Cottage.
Karen, please send your snail mail address to
Tammie at
Karen, I'm still working on the back so 
it will be a minute or two until your kit is ready.

Hopefully my new computer will come in 
his week and it one will turn on.  The last one
I ordered got here but it wouldn't turn on.

Meanwhile, lets go see what the 

other ladies have done with Lissa's block

             Sherri McConnell -
                                    Betsy Chutchian -
                                Jan Patek -
                           Brigitte Heitland -
                                  Lisa Bongean -
                                  Lissa Alexander -
                                       Laurie Simpson -
                                   Vanessa Goertzen -
                                    Stacy Iest Hsu -
                                                     Janet Clare -
                                                     Jen Kingwell -
                                                     Joanna Figueroa -


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