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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

And It's Officially Spring!!!!!!


Starting the Day with Appliqué 

Still working on the center block 
of the Blockheads 3 Quilt

And doing a little multitasking --
for July, no less --
"Eagles and Stars."
As soon as I get the eagle appliquéd 
in place, I'll do the arrows and
olive branch.  This eagle is a 
star print from my stash - 
the second eagle is a dark
blue grunge fabric.  
The two large Circle/Star blocks
have the same background with
multiple squares of stash fabrics 
and Holly Taylor fabrics 
from her Violet Hill line.

The Little Lavender Chicken Bird is finished 
and both the pattern and kit are 
available in the store.
You can get to the store by clicking

And I was sent this awesome little
chick quilt but I've lost the piece of paper
that I wrote the quilters name on.
She saw my little quilt on Instagram 
and made her own.
If you see this dear, would you please
send another picture and your name and I'll
try to remember to post it next week.

Speaking of next week - it will be April.
In fact tomorrow will be April.
Our vintage book for April is going to be
Festival of Life.

Meanwhile you might want to 
find a copy of
Tiny Treasures by my friend
Kathy Schmitz for Martingale..  It is awesome 
and just chock full of pictures, drawings and
embroidery information.
You need a copy.  You can get
one by clicking here.

One last thing and then I have to 
get back to sewing.
I decided to do a summer sew along with 
Moda and Martingale using Susan Ache's 
book Sampler Spree..  It starts in June, 2021.
I've wanted to make a purple and cream quilt
for a long time and I think this will be it.
Come join me as I fulfill a bucket list. 
I suppose I should warn everyone 
that I may sneak in an appliqué block or 2
if there aren't any in the book.

Keep Quilting.  

If you'd like me to show your quilts on the blog, 
send jpgs to
Thank you and
see you next week ladies.

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