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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Spring brings all sorts of goodies

My little chicks have all
grown up and the hens are laying profusely.
Its a rule around here that if 
you come to visit you have to 
take a dozen eggs with you
when you leave.     

Very shortly some of the hens will 
go broody and there will be more chicks.
That means that the Lavender Orpington
and Silver Laced Orpingtons needed to be 
moved to houses with covered yards due to an
abundance of Red tailed hawks in the area.
They don't bother the adults but babies disappear
rather quickly if the yard isn't covered.

Moving chickens is easier said than done.  
They don't herd well at all and resist 
being caught and carried. 
Usually, you can only have one rooster per yard
but the Orpingtons all get along quite well.

Back inside I'm working on the center
for my large Blockheads 3 quilt
 for my appliqué followers.
The center is a 27" x 27" block.  
Besides a background it still needs
lots of leaves and 3 lavender blooms.

This week I'm showing you 2

                                                            Birdsong quilts by Nancy Craze 

                                                                and her sister Laura Denson. 

Awesome quilts ladies, thank you.

If you'd like me to show your quilts on the blog, 
send jpgs to
Thank you and
see you next week ladies.


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