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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Happy Blockheads 4 Wednesday, Block #9

Cross My Mind 

by Brigitte of Zen Chic

Besides really liking the block, 

I love the name.

You can go to her blog to 

download the pattern by clicking here.

This is my "Starting the Day

with Appliqué block.  It is Block #6

of this year's Mystery Quilt

Garden Party.  We're still at the beginning

if you want to join in and Tammy can get

you uptown speed easily if you email her


Outside, behind the house,  the tomatoes

are coming along nicely.  Besides the 3

plants we bought I found a small volunteer

the other day when I weeded.  We'll have to wait

until we get fruit to see what kind it is.  I've never

had a volunteer tomato come up before so I'm

somewhat interested in seeing how it does.

I really like the little purple heather plant

I put inside the cream separator planter.  We had

a cow named Suzie for years and always had

lots of milk and cream.  Now we just have the separator

and lots of great memories.

Aunt Odell's poppies.  And besides these

oriental poppies we transplanted from her

house, I have some salmon poppies too.  

They're larger and bloom later so I don't

have a picture of them yet.

And of course Grandma Laird's iris are

showing off.  Audra Laird.  When my mother

built her house Grandma Laird brought some

over to plant by the side of the house.  When we

moved my mother up to Cameron and sold her house, 

we put it in the contract that we could go back in 

August and dig up a few to transplant. 

My sister Nancy has some and I have some 

and they still bloom every year.

Our vintage book this month is

Oceans Aweigh and this is one of

my favorite quilts from the book.

It's a great little quilt to make, fast and easy and pretty.  

I just love whales - - and of course stars

Our club selection that's shipping right now is the Wallhanging Club.

This is Clover Meadow Wallhanging.  For more information 

about the clubs and how they work, you can email Tammy


And last but not least, our sale item today is
the BOM pattern for Audra's Iris Garden for
$30% off.  You can go to our store to get the
Vintage book and the BOM pattern for 
Audra's Iris Garden by clicking here

Now lets go see what the others have done with Brigitte's block.

LYNNE HAGMEIER -                 
JENELLE KENT -                 
LAURIE SIMPSON -                 
ANNE SUTTON-                 
BARBARA GROVES - MODA -                 
LINZEE –                 
LISA B -                 
KATE SPAIN -                 
BRIGITTE HEITLAND -                 
CHELSI STRATTON -                 
JACKIE MACDONALD -                 
DEBBIE MADDY -                 
YOU -                 
CRYSTAL MANNING -                 
TAMMY V - MODA -                 
CAMILLE ROSKELLEY -                 
BETSY CHUTCHIAN -                 
ROBIN PICKENS -                 
STACY IEST HSU -                 
JANET CLARE -                 
SHERRI MCCONNELL -                 
BRENDA RIDDLE -                 
VANESSA CHRISTENSON -                 
VANESSA GOERTZEN -                 
COREY YODER -                 
MICHELLE WHITE - MODA -                 

Have a good week ladies and
Keep quilting


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