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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Happy Blockheads 4 Wednesday

Block #22

Gentleman's Fancy

by Brenda Riddle 


You can go to her blog to
download the pattern by 
clicking here

I don't have much to show you this week  because 
I've been busy designing quilts and I don't have 
the patterns of kits ready yet.  (I could blame
Tammy because she took a personal day today
but she does too much hard work for me to say
anything even slightly negative.

Besides designing quilts out of 2 of Deb Strain's
lines (One is Ghostly Greeting) and I'll try to
have it ready to show you next week),

I've been playing with my fish.
This is my new Betta fish.  The tank
has a divider so you can keep 2 in it
so they will show off their pretty fins.
Red here shows off his fins quite well so
he gets the whole tank.  I love to watch him swim. 

These are my red and Sunburst platys and
they are very tame.  As soon as they see me come
in the room they swim to the front and top of
the 5 gallon tank to be fed.

And this is my 20 gallon problem tank.
Grandson Jake has been trying to help me get rid
of the algae but so far we're not there.

Back to quilting.

Our BOM pattern on sale this week is

Fall Festival.

You can go to the store to get your copy

by clicking here

Now,  lets
go see what the other ladies have 
done with Brenda's block

Have a great week.  

LYNNE HAGMEIER -                 
JENELLE KENT -                 
LAURIE SIMPSON -                 
ANNE SUTTON-                 
BARBARA GROVES - MODA -                 
LINZEE –                 
LISA B -                 
KATE SPAIN -                 
BRIGITTE HEITLAND -                 
CHELSI STRATTON -                 
JACKIE MACDONALD -                 
DEBBIE MADDY -                 
YOU -                 
CRYSTAL MANNING -                 
TAMMY V - MODA -                 
CAMILLE ROSKELLEY -                 
BETSY CHUTCHIAN -                 
ROBIN PICKENS -                 
STACY IEST HSU -                 
JANET CLARE -                 
SHERRI MCCONNELL -                 
BRENDA RIDDLE -                 
VANESSA CHRISTENSON -                 
VANESSA GOERTZEN -                 
COREY YODER -                 
MICHELLE WHITE - MODA -                 

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