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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

And aren't we all glad we're not in Florida right now.

Prayers for all of the people there.

Back at home things have been dryer but 

somewhat harried.  The pole in our closet (which 

was 10 feet long) broke and the shelf above 

it came loose so  all of our clothes, shoes, purses, etc

ended up on the floor.  Jeff went in town and got a new

pole and longer screws and we have a closet again.

The first thing I hung up was my Girl Gang Jacket.

Then I sorted through my clothes, decided what to

keep, hung them up and packaged the 

rest to take to shelters, etc.  Brian came over

yesterday and took armfuls of clothes in to Pep 

in the living room so he could decide what to keep, 

and then hung them up and filled the shelves with

shoes and hats.  Pep's cowboy hats from Waylon Jennings

and Willie Nelson concerts in Las Vegas take up a bit

of room.  Whew! - What an ordeal.

And today, Jeff is power washing the front porch

so he can stain it.

Needless to say, I haven't gotten much stitching done
but did manage to embroider all of the 10 bee skeps for 
Glad to Bee at Home.

I have the embroidery done and the doors

appliquéd.  Now to sew them to their backgrounds .

The kit on sale this week is

Linda's Lilacs

one of my all-time favorite quilts.

                                                    At the moment the original is hanging 

on the wall of the guest room downstairs.   I

may have to finds a place to hang it up here

for September - November.  I know just

where to hang it in the back hall.

You can go to our store to get your pattern

or kit by clicking here.

Now, have the best week with the people and quilts that you love

and I'll see you next week.


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