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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

"Walk in the Woods" is our kit on sale today.

Designed by Jan Patek

Fabric is the Holly Berry Line by Deb Strain 

                                             That's Deb and her husband Scott going for the walk.

   We just had a horrendous thunderstorm and right now I need

                                        to take a walk around the farm and check on all of my critters. I

just wanted to get the sale item up for my early birds.  Be back with

pictures soon.

Well, that "soon" took a long time but here are my "critters",

 This is the bird feeder out front but as you can see, it attracts more

than birds.  Originally, we had 1 doe who came every morning and

evening and this year she brought a fawn with her.  Since  I took the picture

through the front windows its a little blurry and I think the blur is a

second doe that was a fawn last year.

Here's the feeder when I first fill it in the morning.  The sunflower 
seeds are for the birds so I just put the scratch grain out at night
for the deer.

This used to be the potting bench on the deck but

now is the feeding bench for the outdoor cats.  I'm not sure

what I will do for the cats this winter.  The over hang on the deck roof is

fine in the spring and summer but it will  be too cold later.

Those 2 pictures are Tigger who just showed up one day
and has decided to stay.  He's not feral which means someone
probably dumped him -shame on them.  He looks a lot like
Sam but I got Sam at Petsmart so he's probably not related.  He's
a very nice cat and wants to be petted almost as much as he
wants to eat.  I will have to get Tigger neutered 
before fall because kitties who want to mark their
territory don't get to live in the house

Here's Sam asleep in my favorite chair.  

And here's what I'm working on when I get a chance to
sit in my chair and appliqué.

One more corner block and Honey and Lavender will be ready to
go the quilter.

Meanwhile the barn chicks weathered the storms quite well
in their new house.

Can't wait to see Honey and Lavender quilted.

For now, have the best week with the people and quilts

that you love.








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